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  • The Citadel’s “Marching Through Time”

    The Citadel’s “Marching Through Time

    The Citadel’s “Marching Through Time” limited edition prints are available at Havens.  Choose from 1 of our 3 framing options,...

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  • Aged Photo Restoration

    Aged Photo Restoration

    Here is a 4 step restoration that we did using Adobe Photoshop. -Chris G.-...

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  • Vintage Pinocchio – Hand-Painted Frame

    Vintage Pinocchio – Hand-Painted F

    Here’s one of our favorite hand-painted frame projects.  Our client brought in a vintage Pinocchio on Paper.  They wanted something...

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  • Sea-Fan Shadowbox

    Sea-Fan Shadowbox

    Here’s a beautiful shadowbox that was hand-finished to a custom color.  Sea-fans are extremely delicate creatures.  We finished the inside...

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  • Carolina Yacht Club – Finished Corner Frame

    Carolina Yacht Club – Finished Cor

    Here is a beautiful custom finished corner frame gilt with gold-leaf by our Master Framer and Gilding Specialist.  The frame...

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  • Digital Restoration – Bird Print

    Digital Restoration – Bird Print

    Many older pieces of art especially those on paper can become damaged over time due to humidity changes and moisture...

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  • Damaged Photo Digitally Repaired

    Damaged Photo Digitally Repaired

    Here is an example of what our Digital Restoration expert can do to restore old damaged photographs.  In this example...

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